Crispy Lechon Baboy and Baka in La Loma Quezon City - Mila's Lechon and Restaurant in La Loma Quezon City
Crispy Lechon Baboy and Baka in La Loma Quezon City - Mila's Lechon and Restaurant

Welcome to Mila's Lechon & Restaurant!

Looking back now, it seemed like an impossible task. To become the leading lechon dealer in the country today is no walk in the park. As we always say, it's all a mixture of "sipag, tiyaga, tipid, lakas ng loob, swerte, at tiwala sa Diyos."


MILA'S LECHON started in the late 60's, when hardworking couple Serafin and Antonina Cesario decided to make a living out of selling lechon in La Loma. It was nothing more than a means to support their corn and sari-sari store income. They had no idea then how much this new venture would affect not only their lives, but the Filipino taste as well.

Aling Nena was fond of naming all their business endeavors after her children, and so in 1968, when Aling Nena's youngest daughter Milagros was born, they decided to name the lechon business "Mila's" after her.


Forty-eight years later, the struggling business they have nurtured from infancy has now grown into a major industry which many have tried to rival. From the small La Loma kiosk, Mila's has given birth to 8 more branches in Quezon City, and can cater to deliveries not only throughout Metro Manila, but to provinces as far as Ilocos, Baguio, and Quezon.


Mila's Lechon & Restaurant was primarily engaged in selling crispy, sumptuous, juicy and tender native lechon pork that doesn'’t spoil easily. They later ventured into cooking the best roasted calf in town, with its very tender meat that is marinated with different spices and wines, which makes it mouthwatering, coupled with original lechon baka gravy. To guarantee quality, they undertook breeding their own native hogs so as to ensure that they are raised for one purpose alone --- to provide our customers with the best lechon specimen.


Mila's Lechon has been a consistent awardee as Best Lechon Maker since 1973. A testimony, no doubt, to their commitment to quality and excellence.


Delicious Cuisine

Crispy Lechon Baka in La Loma Quezon City - Mila's Lechon and Restaurant


Fine, succulent beef, taken from the finest cows bred at our own farms...roasted whole calf infused with special wines and spices to ensure the tenderness and distinct flavor only Mila's can offer.

Crispy Lechon Baboy in La Loma Quezon City - Mila's Lechon and Restaurant
Mila's Paella in La Loma Quezon City - Mila's Lechon and Restaurant


Lechon roasted the old-fashioned way - that is straight roasting, with the simplest application of ingredients to bring out that traditional flavor the Filipino has always loved.



A combination of spices, special wines, and a variety of ingredients, makes the LECHON CEBU unique. Our LECHON CEBU has our special marinade introduced into the meat to further enhance its distinction, and a guaranteed tenderness and spice-riddled exotic taste.



For those who want to treat the LECHON the way it should be - eaten and not grappled with. Lechon deboned at your request. The same delight, minus the hassle.


What was originally a Spanish delicacy, the paella has found its way into the Filipino appetite, thanks to its association with the lechon. The paella is a hodgepodge of java rice and a variety of meat and seafood topping plus seasonings. At Mila's we serve it either separately in a "bilao", or at your request as a lechon "filling" - paella lodged inside the lechon's belly during roasting, to diffuse a stronger meaty flavor on the paella.

Catering Services in La Loma Quezon City - Mila's Lechon and Restaurant


At Mila's, we often say, "put your heart into what you're cooking." So for every kind of food that we serve, we make sure that we do it "lutong bahay" style... easy on the shortenings, and heavy on the necessary ingredients.


Our secret? We often ask ourselves: how would a mother cook for her children, and how would we want our own food to be served?


We have a variety of all time favorites... food customized for the Filipino taste.


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Main Branch:

#69 Calavite St., La Loma

Quezon City, Philippines


24/7 Hotline Numbers:

+63 (2) 87415403

+63 (2) 87814406

+63 (2) 87416872


24/7 Mobile Numbers:

+63 (915) 7633025

+63 (939) 7120198


Other Branches:

#63 Calavite St., La Loma

Quezon City, Philippines


Telephone Number:

+63 (2) 82537528


#75 N.S. Amoranto corner Mariveles St., La Loma

Quezon City, Philippines


Telephone Number:

+63 (2) 87318648


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